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Turffalo Installation and Care Guide

½ The Mowing, ½ The Water With Turffalo!

Half the Water

Turffalo brand Tech Turf stays green with as little as two inches of water per month! That is half the water of Bermuda grass, one third of St. Augustine and one quarter of fescue. No other grass uses less water. In the complete absence of water, Turffalo grasses will go dormant and then green-up in about a week after receiving moisture. Conserving water is easy with Turffalo!

Half the Mowing

With Turffalo, maintenance is kept to a minimum with less mowing than ever before! Turffalo grasses have a slow vertical growth that requires about half the mowing of most other turfgrasses to maintain a great, longer-lasting manicured look. Even without mowing, it only grows to a maximum height of about 5 inches – so realistically it may never need mowing. Neglecting your yard never looked so good!

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