Advantages of Plugs

Many people are not familiar with plugs when planting a lawn due to the fact that most grasses do not establish well from plugs. That is NOT the case with Turffalo brand plugs. Planted at 12 inch spacing, Tech Turf plugs will completely cover in 30 to 40 days.

Planted at 6 inch spacing, Shadow Turf plugs will cover in just a few months.. Compare that to one to two years required by some other grass plugs. Here are some other advantages Turffalo brand plugs have over other alternatives:

  • Reliable Plugs won't wash or blow away like seeds. Also, germination is not a problem since every seed is past the crucial initial stage.

  • Perfect Turf Plugs form a perfect turf that is free of the seam lines that are often difficult to get rid of when installing sod.

  • Variable cost by adjusting the spacing of the plugs, just about any reasonable budgetary requirements are well within reach.

  • Freight Friendly Plugs are easily shipped and travel excellent in boxes, unlike sod that has to be freighted in on large pallets.

  • Easy Installation Plugs have a very broad window of installation as they will survive for weeks on end in the flats, unlike sod that must be installed within 24 hours. Also, plugs are easy to install with a simple plugging tool like those on our Order Page .

  • Conserve Water Both sod and seed require a tremendous amount of water to properly establish. Plugs, on the other hand, require relatively little water to establish.

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