Date: June 7, 2004
CONTACT: Tiffany Tubbs, tiffany.tubbs@ttu.edu

LUBBOCK – After 15 years of research, Texas Tech University, with its partner Frontier Hybrids, has created a new and unique turfgrass.

“Turffalo was bred to be a true lawn grass and has characteristics unmatched by any other lawn grass in the world,” said Dick Auld, chair of the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at Texas Tech. “This grass yields a thick, beautiful green turf, yet is extremely soft and withstands the heaviest traffic.”

In 2003, the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program ranked Turffalo as the number one buffalograss in overall quality in the Southwest region. The grass was rated based on its color, leaf texture, density, uniformity and stress toleration.

“Texas Tech has just been a great partner, and we have created something very unique,” said Dan Ryan, owner of Frontier Hybrids. “This is a great breed for any area, but especially areas where there might be water rationing because it is such a resilient grass.”

Turffalo has a true green color, unlike other buffalo grasses. It is drought tolerant, requiring less water than traditional bermuda and fescue lawn grasses, due to the root system, which extends from six to ten feet deep.

“Because Turffalo requires less cutting and lawn maintenance than other lawn grasses, it is both economically and environmentally friendly,” said Auld.

For more information about Turffalo, please contact (806) 298-2595 or visit www.turffalo.com.


SOURCE: Dick Auld, chair for the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Texas Tech University, (806) 742-0775 or dick.auld@ttu.edu.
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