Great News About Your Turffalo Lawn

June 21, 2005

There are few things around your home more pleasing than a well-manicured lawn. However, there is a disturbing trend in many arid regions where people are installing artificial turf and rock gardens instead of grass. The prevailing line of reasoning seems to be that they are tired of the watering and mowing. Turffalo provides a beautiful lawn with significantly less watering and mowing. However, there are many other benefits to having a Turffalo lawn. Here are a few:

An average size lawn has the cooling effect of over nine tons of air conditioning.
The average home has an air unit with only a 3 to 4 ton capacity. Turffalo’s high
density and moisture retention makes it an excellent turf to provide this cooling effect.

Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively than wheat and
four times better than hay.

Lawns provide wonderful psychological benefits by improving moods and providing
feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness and happiness. This is noted especially in
hospitals where recovery rates are often faster among patients who have view of a
landscaped area. Turffalo provides a beautiful, dark green turf that is very
aesthetically pleasing.

With up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant in its roots, it makes a very efficient
erosion control devise that also removes soil particles from silty water. Turffalo is
especially effective at this since it has a root system that is 8 to 10 feet deep.

Turf grasses help purify water entering underground aquifers by their root mass and
soil microbes acting as a filter to capture and break down many types of pollutants.

Well-maintained landscaping adds 15% to a home’s value according to buyers.
A Gallup Survey reported that 62% of all US homeowners felt that investment in
lawns and landscaping was as good as or better than other home improvement.
The great thing about Turffalo is that it is an investment that will eventually pay for
itself with lower watering and mowing requirements.

A turf area just 50 foot square absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride
and perosyacetyle nitrate and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of
a family of four.

The bottom line is that healthy lawns lead to healthy people and a healthy planet. Planting a lawn in Turffalo also leads to a sustainable environment. Its the smart choice.

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