Plant Turffalo for Stress Relief

June 21, 2005

Take a minute to enjoy life. Get back to the earth by planting your yard in a grass that requires just enough work to be enjoyable. Receive the joy of doing something that saves precious water and our environment. There is great enjoyment in becoming connected with the soil. It is stress relieving to place living Turffalo grass plugs into the ground with your own hand and then watch them spread and grow. Over the next month your lawn will become increasingly beautifulů the calling card to your home.

Turffalo's fine runners will spread rapidly (you can see daily progress) and connect to the soil with roots at each node. Every morning before you face the hectic world, go out with a cup of coffee or tea - or even water, and walk around to observe the progress and enjoy the sense of accomplishment. This is a natural solution to stress and a time to savor the environment and the moment. Listen to the birds and other sounds of nature. You will always remember this enjoyable time of your life. It will be there for you to recall throughout life, even in times of sadness or grief. If you have a loved one to share this experience, you will grow closer and life will reward you with memories that will never be forgotten.

Copyright 2007: Turffalo/Frontier Hybrid