Shadow Turf plugs are sold in flats that contain 72 plugs each. We recommend planting the plugs at 12-inch spacing to achieve complete coverage in about one full season. To figure out how many flats you need, first calculate the square footage of the area where you would like to plant Shadow Turf. See our Calculating Area page for help. The cost is $89.90 per flat. Shipping is only $2.50 per flat anywhere in the U.S.

So How Much Shadow Turf is Needed for Your Project?
Square or Rectangle
  Length (feet)
  Width (feet)
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  Diameter (feet)
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Triangle (that includes a right or 90° angle)
  Measure the length of the two sides that meet at the right angle
  Side one (feet)
  Side two (feet)
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Flats Needed : 

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