Shadow Turf
is our newest, shade-tolerant turfgrass. Here are some key points to consider about Shadow Turf:

  • Shady and Problem Areas - Shadow Turf will grow in 80% shade. Large trees with dense canopies are typically not a problem. Being a shade-tolerant grass, Shadow Turf is slow growing... taking approximately one year for plugs to cover at one-foot spacing.

  • Widely Adapted - Shadow Turf will grow in regions that are hot and dry, transition zones and even in full sun.

  • Durable - Shadow Turf recovers well from traffic.

  • Beautiful - Shadow Turf was designed to provide a high-end lawn. It has a rich true green color and forms a lush turf.

  • Water Conserving - Shadow Turf will stay green on as little as 4 inches of water per month - much less than cool season grasses that might typically be planted in similar shady areas. Since Shadow Turf is a warm season grass, it goes dormant during the winter months.

  • Less Weeding - Shadow Turf forms a very dense, lush turf. It does a great job at choking out weeds and other grasses.

  • Compatible with Tech Turf - When Shadow Turf is planted along side Turffalo brand Tech Turf, they blend wonderfully and provide a turfgrass growing solution for your entire lawn.

  • Grows well in a large region throughout the country

Copyright 2007: Turffalo/Frontier Hybrid