Tech Turf
by Turffalo is the original environmental turfgrass. Here are a few key points to consider about Tech Turf:

  • Less Water Tech Turf requires half the water of Bermuda grass and one quarter the water of fescue grass. It will stay green on as little as 2 inches of water per month.

  • Drought Resistant Tech Turf's root system extends down to an amazing 8 to 10 feet! It even penetrates heavy clay and rocky soil. In the complete absence of water, it will simply go dormant until it receives moisture again and will green right back up.

  • Less Mowing Tech Turf has a slow vertical growth that requires about half the mowing of most other turfgrasses to maintain the same manicured look. Even without mowing, it only grows to a maximum height of about 4 inches. Any type of lawnmower is fine to use on Tech Turf.

  • Less Weeding Tech Turf forms a dense, lush turf. It does a great job at choking out weeds and other grasses.

  • No Rhizomes Tech Turf spreads only by surface runners. Many other grasses, such as Bermuda grass, also spread underneath the ground with rhizomes. These rhizomes are what make Bermuda so difficult to keep out of flower beds and gardens. Since Tech Turf only spreads by runners, anywhere you edge it is as far as it will travel.

  • Fewer Chemicals Tech Turf is not susceptible to most insects or diseases, so it does not need the many costly and hazardous treatments that other grasses often require. In fact, the only insect that must be addressed with Tech Turf is one common to all grasses grub worms. Fortunately, grubs are relatively easy to manage.

  • Soft and Lush Tech Turf has very fine blades and runners. It is truly one of the softest grasses you will ever walk on.

  • Durable Tech Turf withstands heavy traffic and shows little wear, even from children and pets. It thrives in hot and arid climates, but weathers the harshest winters without a problem.

  • Quick Covering Tech Turf plugs cover quicker than any other plugs on the market. At 12 inch spacing, a complete turf is formed in only 30 to 40 days.

  • Beautiful Tech Turf was designed to provide a high-end lawn. It has a rich true green color and forms a thick, lush turf that is equal to or better in appearance than any grass on the market.

  • Suited for Special Needs Tech Turf is the answer in areas that are difficult or impractical to maintain, yet still desirable to have a beautiful turf.

  • Compatible with Shadow Turf When Tech Turf is planted along side Shadow Turf, they blend wonderfully.

  • Grows well in a large region throughout the country

Copyright 2007: Turffalo/Frontier Hybrid