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When is the best time to plant Turffalo grasses and will they grow in my area and type of soil?

The best time to plant Turffalo grasses in your area is after last normal freeze date in the spring up until 30 days before first normal freeze date in the fall. Though the plugs can be planted at other times, the quickest coverage will be when the soil temperature warms up above 70°F - the hotter the better.

Turffalo grasses are ideally suited for the Southwest where warm season grasses predominate. They will grow in a very wide variety of soil types including heavy clay, black gumbo and sandy loam. The preference is a heavier soil type with more clay and organic matter. However, they will grow in sandier soils provided that the soil is amended with additional nutrients and extra water since sand does not provide any nutrients or hold water very well. For more information, see the Turffalo Care Guide.

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