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How much sunlight does Turffalo grass require and what is the difference between the two grasses?

Turffalo has two different types of grass that are suited for different amounts of shade. Tech Turf is our water conserving grass that likes full sun, but will work in up to 50% shade (at least 5 hours direct sunlight). Shadow Turf is our shade-tolerant grass that will thrive in areas with up to 80% shade (at least 2 hours direct sunlight). Shadow Turf will also grow in full sun, but most people transition to Tech Turf in the sunny areas for the reduced cost and quicker coverage. The two grasses blend perfectly in the transition zone.

Tech Turf is a hybrid developed from buffalograss that is MUCH more dense than buffalograss, so it keeps out weeds and other grasses far better. It is also a true green color, unlike buffalograss and establishes much faster. Tech Turf is a true turfgrass, instead of a prairie grass, but is still considered a native plant.

Shadow Turf is a hybrid developed from Manila grass (which is in the Zoysia family) and is much more drought and cold tolerant than other shade grasses. It also grows in heavy shade where very few other grasses will thrive. The major differences between Tech Turf and Shadow Turf are their adaptation to shade and their water usage. Both are beautiful, hearty grasses designed to blend together and provide a high quality lawn.

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