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Turffalo Installation and Care Guide

Turffalo Tech TurfTech Turf Pricing

Areas with 50% or more sunlight are best suited for Tech Turf. A volume discount is available for ordering 14 or more flats.

1-13 Flats - $49.90 per flat     |     14+ Flats - $39.90 per flat

Turffalo Shadow TurfShadow Turf Pricing

Areas that receive 50% or less sunlight are best suited for Shadow Turf.

Price per Flat - $89.90 per flat

Turffalo Plugging ToolTurffalo Plugging Tool

Anything that makes a 1.5” wide by 2” deep hole may be used to plant plugs. Our custom plugging tool has a simple handle and foot peg to make the process easy.

Price - $25.00

Turffalo Plugging ToolAll flats of grass contain 72 plugs. Divide the total square feet of the area to plant by 72 to determine the number of flats required. Shipping is only $3.00 per flat.

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