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Turffalo Customer Testimonials

David H., Christoval, Texas - "I planted both Tech Turf and Shadow Turf the weekend after Easter. My soil was very poor...We've had several guests and parties...the response is "WOW! what kind of grass is that? Where did you get it?" I water once a week and keep it mowed at about 2½ to 3 inches high. Needless to say...I am extremely satisfied with the results."

Marvin B., Bedford, Texas - "The plugs I received last Wednesday (in the ground the same day) are doing very well. I am impressed with the quality of service and product from Turffalo. The plugs were in superb condition and in less than a week the growth has been phenomenal."

Eric O., Riverside, California - "Very satisfied with the plugs."

Ken C., Cypress, Texas - "I ordered three trays of Shadow Turf in April, 2006 for a plot of my Houston area yard. I have tried to grow St. Augustine grass (regular and shade resistant) in this particular area for 25 years only to have it consistently fail and leave me with bare earth. After cultivating the soil, I installed the Shadow Turf plugs according to Turffalo's instructions. I am happy to report that it is thriving, and I expect full coverage by the end of this growing season. Prior to ordering your product, I called upon two local landscape architects to see if they had a solution to my problem. Each one told me that grass could not be grown in the area, and offered to transform it into landscaped beds (for a hefty price I might add)."

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